Shimento Inc. is a recognized leader in talent resourcing and concentrating in custom service solutions that are designed to meet the wide-ranging personnel requirements of our diverse client base.

At Shimento Inc., our professionals leverage a unique blend of market and industry expertise along with broad technical specializations to deliver top-tier consulting and professional services to our clients. Our flexible, efficient resourcing solutions are based upon our large network of extremely experienced and professionally qualified talent drawn from numerous industries and technical disciplines.

Flexible resourcing enables us to meet our clients’ personnel requirements quickly and efficiently. Whether you need contract resourcing for a specific initiative or permanent resourcing for full-time positions, we provide the targeted expertise that is needed to successfully engage your business objectives. Shimento Inc.

Project Based Staffing


For clients who are looking to augment their in-house employees with experienced and skilled talent, project-based staffing for specific initiatives frequently is the best service option. At Shimento Inc., we draw from our huge network of talent to deploy top-tier project managers, professional consultants, technical experts and industry specialists to quickly meet your project’s resourcing requirements. In today’s competitive global marketplace, we understand that retaining in-house talent is not always economical. With project-based resourcing, we provide our clients with top contract, contract-to-hire, consultant and project manager resourcing on a project-by-project basis.


Candidates who are interested in project-based positions are invited to share their experience and skills with us via our website. Our experienced placement experts will assess your skills and abilities to find the ideal position for your specific talents. Offering contract, contract-to-hire, consultant positions, and project manager placement, Shimento Inc.

Professional Consultation


Shimento Inc. offers professional consulting services across a wide-range of industries. With years of front-line experience, our consultants have a wealth of real-world expertise and practical knowledge that enables them to formulate and help implement cost-effective business solutions for our clients. We draw our consultants from numerous industries including IT, Finance, Risk, & Technology. At Shimento Inc., our highly-skilled consultants excel at translating years of industry experience and insight into cost-effective and sustainable business solutions.


Shimento Inc. is always interested in building professional relationships with independent consultants. Our large client base means that qualified consultants will have access to a steady stream of interesting and challenging projects across a variety of industries and in all parts of the U.S. and India. If you are an experienced and talented professional consultant apply for positions via our website so that we can begin the process of matching your unique skills and abilities with available positions today.

Payroll Servces

Shimento Inc. Payroll Services is a 3rd party payroll solution for internally recruited or unaffiliated contractors. We give you full-cycle contractor management, risk management, and white-glove customer service. With a customizable pricing model to give you the highest ROI and zero hidden fees, Shimento Inc. Payroll Services is your best solution.

Essential Skills Augmentation


Many of our clients have robust in-house personnel capabilities, but lack particular critical resources needed to successfully undertake or complete a project or initiative. Shimento Inc. has cultivated a vast network of skilled talent across a variety of industries and sectors since 2009. We use our unmatched professional network to provide our clients with both strategic and tactical skills augmentation resourcing.

In cases of tactical skills augmentation, we infuse expertise quickly so that our clients can meet their immediate mission critical objectives. We also offer strategic staffing for those clients interested in planning out a project or looking to invest in long-term or full-time capabilities. Specializing in the assessment of long-term goals, Shimento Inc. helps clients understand which combination of resourcing services will best allow them to meet their business objectives. Whether our clients need contract resourcing, permanent resourcing, professional consulting or a mixed contingent of professionals, we help them develop a cost-effective and efficient strategy to meeting their long-term personnel requirements


Mission critical technical and project management skills are always in high demand. We offer access to many exciting and high-profile positions available throughout the U.S. for qualified specialists, technical experts and project managers. If you are interested in more effectively marketing your skills and experience, then apply with Shimento Inc via our website today.